Property Remodelling and Alterations


Sometimes your home can feel like a warren of smaller rooms rather than an open, spacious sanctuary. It is possible to open it up, however, by moving or knocking through internal walls.

If the current layout of your home isn’t working, you may well consider adding more space by extending. While this is a feasible option, you could also consider whether you can make more of the space you already have. Traditional properties tend to have separate, smaller rooms with additions such as porches and conservatories which can sometimes leave the interior with no light and can turn existing rooms into corridors. Remodelling can create the space you want, without having to extend.

At W Birch Developments, we have carried out multiple remodelling and alteration projects. We can assist you from the design stage through to completion of the project. All you need to do is contact us to make an appointment and one of our team members can talk you through the process.